Works    2015    Sanctuary

Sanctuary 2015 by Sharyn Dingeldei

Sanctuary  2015

Porcelain, Stoneware, Oxides, glaze and decals

15cmW x 15cmD x 5cmH



Blameless, homeless victims of war from devastated Europe were often called Displaced Persons.

Many single men on the path to their new chosen homeland met in refugee camps, on the boats that voyaged for 6 weeks or at the rural staging camps set up to process them. A post war immigrant to Australia my father arrived from Germany in 1951.

My father met and married my German mother in 1956.

The dream - to have peace, trust, safety, love……..


After 17 years of sacrifice and transient living on two continents, home was built, and family had begun.

Finally, they belong.