Works    2012    Dura Mater

Dura Mater 2012 by Sharyn Dingeldei

Dura Mater  2012

Porcelain elements, glazed and unglazed, stain and decals mounted on timber.

H60cm x L180cm x D10cm x 2 panels,


   ‘Dura mater’ (Latin) “tough mother.”

I have experienced the isolation of distance from a loved one. 

A wealth of memories, vision or hearing can slowly erode, imperceptibly at first.

The body slows down, and cells no longer re-generate. Bones become brittle, the skin translucent. I watched my mother’s brain fail her. I saw her despair punctuated with spans of lucidity.

Using a repeat element of the small thrown vessel as a metaphor for thoughts and memories, I am attempting to evoke the passing of time, the scattering of thoughts and the degeneration process. This work is visual representation of this transition.


   "A poignant thought provoking work illustrating the frailty and impermanence of the physical condition. At once sombre yet respectful loving observance. A multitude of memories."

      Comments made by Judge, Peter Pilven: Master Potter, Ballarat University


1/11/2013 - Winner, Australian Craft Awards - Display and Best use of Ceramics.